Advertising company management system related procedures

1, the first stage -- the ditch mixing period

At that time, advertising status is what business, do what business; Customers give what business, do what business; Personnel composition is simple, each wear several jobs, we work together, the distribution of benefits is a commission plus bonus system. In particular, the majority of advertising agencies as the main business of the company into the core competitiveness.

2. The second stage -- the sound stage

With the continuous expansion of the business scope, the increase of the number of customers, the increase of the number of employees, the corresponding increase of work links, division of labor is becoming more and more detailed.

3. The third stage -- effective period

With the continuous expansion of the scale of advertising companies and the constant changes of the market, the company began to build a promising organizational structure. During this period, after constant adjustment, the company found that some links were useless and the existing resources could not support the ideal structure, so it began to remove and merge some organizations to ensure the effective operation of the company.


4. The fourth stage -- reform period

Platform for information technology, in order to make the bearing service customer as the center, in the "fast fish eat slow fish", flexible active against the customer, giving full play to the advantages of group collaboration stage of change quickly, prominent feature is: organization structure reengineering advertising company, customer platform wu, operation platform, folding. Starting from the needs of customers, continuously improve service process, deepen the customer service, growing together with customers.

5. The fifth stage -- the whole stage

At present, China's advertising industry has undergone another upheaval, from the general cost and scale competition to the industry brand reputation, media and customer resources, capital operation, industry agency experience and creative production ability of the core competence of the comprehensive competition from domestic and regional competition to the real global competition; Advertising company management system from full of all kinds of protection, restrictions of competition into the real free competition.

As long as the advertising company management system can bring the external resources into its own control system through the power and influence, the enterprise does not pursue all the assets. At the same time, the enterprise must be divided into several parts, and the enterprise must be specialized and marketized, and adapt to the changes of the market, the preference of the nipper, and the technology to avoid the whole enterprise being eliminated in the competition.