Competition in shopping malls is becoming more and more serious. In almost every category, there are many companies and brands competing for the resources of the mall. How can you be in the mall to make your products and brands a household name, then brand marketing is essential. The following five are examples of brand marketing that have been very successful in China. Let us see how successful they are.

Peasant mountain spring:

We don't make water, we are just water porters, sweet and happy. The peasant mountain spring cut into the mall at this time, and in a few years resisted the impact of many domestic and foreign brands, and stayed in the top three, one of the success factors is its Differentiated marketing strategies. The direct manifestation of differentiation comes from the concept of “a little sweet” – “the peasant mountain spring is a bit sweet”.

When the peasant mountain spring was just launched, it appeared to be weak. In addition, the peasant mountain spring only took water from the Qiandao Lake, and the transportation cost was high. “Farmer Mountain Spring” is really sweet? No, marketing conveys the concept. . “Sweet” not only conveys outstanding product quality information, but also directly reminiscent of a sweet and refreshing spring water. It feels “sweet” when it tastes natural. A simple concept of "sweetness" not only conveys outstanding product quality information, but also directly reminiscent of a sweet and refreshing spring water. It feels "sweet" when it tastes natural.


Le Bai Shi:

27-layer purification At the beginning of the listing of Robust Pure Water, it realized the importance of establishing a deep brand identity with rational appeals, so there was a “27-level purification” rational appeal. What is the 27-layer purification? Is it a process that other pure water manufacturers cannot achieve? USP, after talking about it, marketing conveys the concept. “27-layer purification” gives consumers a “very pure, trustworthy” image.


Nao Bai Jin:

In China, if anyone says "not accepting gifts this holiday," a person can tell you that "receiving only receives melatonin." Melatonin has become the top representative of China's gift shopping malls. As a single-category health care product, Melatonin started the mall agilely in a very short time, and boarded the throne of China's health care professional “Allies”. The most important factor in its success is to find the axis concept of “Gifts”.

China, the state of etiquette. On the occasion of the holidays, the door-to-door relatives, public relations gifts and other gift shopping malls are huge. The key to the success of Melatonin is to locate a huge gift shopping mall, and to benefit from the “positioning top” rule, the first to clearly position itself as a “gift” – to lead the consumer trend with gift positioning.


OPPO charging for five minutes for two hours

Catch the current mobile phone power is not enough, charging time is long, with the theme of "charging 5 minutes, talking 2 hours" as the theme of Internet entertainment marketing campaign. With the entertainment marketing as the central strategy, the three-dimensional integration and layout of Internet resources, accurate grasp of popular resources, meticulous layout to convey the rhythm, with the wonderful and rich cooperation way to make OPPO R7 "charge 5 minutes of talk 2 hours" fast, viral popular In the Internet and major programs, it is recommended to have a feast of entertainment!