Advertising time is the time when an advertisement is released. Advertising time strategy is to make a unified and reasonable arrangement of advertising time and frequency. The formulation of advertising time strategy should be flexibly applied according to the changes of various factors such as the life cycle stage of advertising products, the competitive situation of advertising, the marketing strategy of enterprises and the market competition. Generally speaking, that is, effective advertising requires a concentrated release time, strong time limit, frequency fluctuation. Tardy advertising requires balanced release of advertising time, time limit leisurely, small frequency fluctuations. Whether the advertising time strategy is used properly has a great impact on the advertising effect.


Time of concentration

Focus time strategy, mainly focus on the strength of the target market in a short period of time to attack the advertising offensive, its purpose is to focus on advantages, in a short period of time to quickly create advertising momentum, expand the impact of advertising, quickly improve the reputation of products or enterprises. This strategy can be used before and after the launch of new products, before and after the opening of new enterprises, before and after the launch of popular products, or during the fierce advertising competition, and when the sales of products drop sharply. When using this strategy, the media combination mode is generally used to raise the advertising climax.

Equilibrium time

The balanced time strategy is a strategy to repeatedly advertise the target market in a planned way. Its purpose is to continuously deepen the impression of consumers on the product or enterprise, maintain the obvious memory of consumers, tap the market potential and expand the popularity of the product. In the use of balanced advertising strategy, we must pay attention to the changes in advertising performance, constantly give people a sense of freshness, and do not repeat the same advertising content for a long time, the frequency of advertising should also be dense, do not give people a sense of monotony.

Season time

Seasonal time strategy is mainly used for seasonal goods, generally before the arrival of the peak season to carry out advertising activities, for the arrival of the peak season to do a good job of information preparation and psychological preparation. During the peak sales season, the advertising campaign peaks, and when the peak season is over, the advertising stops. Such advertising strategies require a good grasp of the changing laws of seasonal goods. The early launch of advertising campaigns, will cause the waste of advertising costs, and too late, will delay the timing, directly affect the sale of goods.

The holiday season

Holiday time strategy is a common advertising time strategy in retail enterprises and service industries. Advertising campaigns are usually carried out several days before the holidays, and advertising stops as soon as the holidays arrive. This type of advertising requires features that give consumers prominent, prompt, and timely information about products, prices, service

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