Roll ups , or poster rack, display rack, advertising industry also known as Ilabo, Ilabo, Ilabo roll, etc., is a set-up promotional poster, Ilabo is common in the crowded street corridors, to assist individual household-style road show promotional activities, or temporary booths.

The main material of roll ups is plastic or aluminium alloy. Yilapao is a popular advertising promotion tool nowadays, because the practicability of shape and materials has been praised by the majority of enterprises. Yilapao is an alloy material with concise shape and low cost. It is light and portable, easy to transport, carry and store. It is easy to install and operate. It is economical and practical, and can change pictures many times.

The structure of roll ups is a scroll of a site. From the ground up, it is a retractable column. The top of the column has a button. When used, an upright poster is pulled out by the scroll to attract the attention of passers-by.

Yilapao, or poster rack or display rack, is a set-up poster. It is common in crowded street corridors to assist individual-style road show promotion activities or temporary booths. The main material of Yilapao is plastic or aluminium alloy. The alternatives to Ilabo are street banners, knife flags, posters, stickers, etc.

According to the specific types and attributes of Ilabo products, we scientifically classify display shelves into conventional display shelves and special-shaped display shelves. Conventional display rack: There are commonly used size conventions in the industry, which must be designed and made according to its prescribed size. It is convenient for the combination installation of the support and the screen, and the profiles used by the support are pre-moulded. Special-shaped display rack: unconventional, there is no fixed standard size constraints, that is, customers often customized products according to their own needs.

Ilabo is one of the most frequently used and most common portable exhibits, which is suitable for meetings, exhibitions, sales promotion and other occasions. It's an indispensable good helper in the current promotional activities.