1. Claude Hopkins's advertising case at Bisser Carpet Cleaner:

For the first time, the carpet cleaner was used as a Christmas gift, and the women were curious, so that the dealers took the initiative to purchase the goods and the products sold well.

The cleaners are produced in 12 different woods, which are popular among women because of their beautiful appearance.

Using red cinnabar as a raw material, telling the story of the kingdom of India, so that women are curious to watch this beautiful wood.


In the next six weeks, you earned more than any previous year.

2. Chicago: Swift Foods, Inc., promotes Cantorut's synthetic lard.

Creating a sensational effect: Using the opportunity of the opening ceremony of the mall, using Contosut to make the world's largest cake behind the glass windows of the mall, and sending people to send samples of the cake, and then give the most accurate guess of the weight of the cake. People send prizes, but the premise is that everyone has to buy a bucket of Contosut.


The result has attracted thousands of viewers and buyers.

Selling the product to the pastry shop: Using the promotional card to help the pastry shop, the pastry shop ordered 4 cars, Contosut, and got 1000 cards.

Sell the product to the baking plant: If you order Contosut, print the name of the baking plant on both sides of the truck so that everyone on both sides of the 900-mile road knows the name of the baking plant. As a result, he booked two cars.

Conclusion: Selling products to individual customers is using their curiosity to sell the product to the store because he can help the store to expand business opportunities.

3. Selling pharmaceutical products

Recognizing that people are not buying drugs, but the ultimate effect, so the pharmacist signature to ensure the efficacy of the product, reducing people's risk of purchase.


4, Schritzer beer

Question: Every beer merchant advertises itself as a "pure" beer. They just print a "pure" word, but it has no effect.

Reason: It is just that the characteristics of the fuzzy introduction product are not effective.

Investigation process: go to the beer school for training, visit the brewery, see the transparent glass room for filtering air for the first time, filter the filter pipe of beer, filter the pipe twice a day, wash each bottle four times a day, for wine making It is a self-flowing well water, not a river water. The yeast is extracted after 1200 experiments.


Found: Although all the peers are doing this, consumers don't know.

Solution: Print out the equipment for purifying the beer and tell the customer why the Schritz beer is so pure.

Experience: Tell us about the reasons for your product's characteristics. For example, my product is pure, then explain why it is pure, and what is the way to ensure it is pure. Even if the peers do this, it doesn't matter. As long as the customer hears it for the first time, it will be considered unique to your product.

5, Racine incubator

Problem: All product catalogs are similar, and all manufacturers are wooing salespeople.

Solution: Write a book, taking a case of a chicken farmer. He has already made money, using the Racine incubator.


The result: attracted a lot of people, but I feel that the price of the Racine incubator is too high, everyone is hesitating.

Correction: Provide another Bella City incubator at a relatively low price.