If a restaurant has no problems with its products, environment and services, it will focus on marketing. What is marketing? Marketing is a capability that is essential for doing business today. It is the ability to attract more customers to come in and continue to patronize. When the customer comes, he has to find a way to let him spend in the store, and then let him become a repeat customer, a frequent visitor. It is also a loyal customer. The following nine gates Xiaobian share a few practical creative marketing for your reference!


First, point takeaway, send lottery tickets

If you are hungry, there is a merchant who is not very educated and does not know how to play WeChat. But such a merchant, in just two years, made his restaurant a benchmark for regional takeaway.

How did it do it? The answer is simple: he has a lottery ticket in every takeaway.

He believes that his family's meals are very general and there are no special offers. If you want to retain customers, you must do something that attracts customers. And sending lottery tickets is a low-cost, good-effect, and able to attract customers.

Because the customer they serve is concentrated in the industrial area, many customers are migrant workers. Among the migrant workers, many of them like to buy lottery tickets.

Moreover, many offices in industrial areas are dozens and dozens of people in one office.

This means that if one of the customers wins, it will quickly spread throughout the office to create a brand effect. Attract other people to also order their home delivery.

It can be seen that although this catering owner is not high in culture, he has deep insight and understanding of migrant workers.


Second, take the name, praise the next door

I opened a food and beverage store myself, but said "it is better next door." Have you seen it?

There is such a boss who decided to open a snack bar. After choosing a place, he found that the east side of the store is “Shanghai Restaurant” and the west is “Shanghai Style Snack”.

He thought that if he also had a similar name, it would be difficult to attract the attention of customers. So, he got a wonderful name, called: next door. Unexpectedly, the name quickly attracted the attention of customers, and the business became increasingly popular. It can be seen that the curiosity of the customer will also attract customers to pay attention and consumption.


Third, reverse thinking: to ensure that drinking is not drunk

Many people who do catering generally want customers to drink as much as possible, so that the boss will make more money.

There is such a hotel, the opposite is true, and customers are expected to drink less. It is a German hotel called "Karen".

This hotel clearly stated in the business rules: never let customers get drunk.

This has led many customers to be curious, but to return to it, and the rate of return is quite high.

Why is this happening? The reason is simple, because many wives hate their husbands for drinking.

Therefore, they are more reassured that their husbands come to this hotel to eat, and often come with their husbands.

Therefore, in the opposite direction, grasping the pain points of customers will also attract the customers who need them to consume.

Fourth, learn to build a network communication point

In the vibrato, there was a fire in the hot pot restaurant, which was 233,000 likes and 19,000.


Why is the fire? Because the toilet in it is like this.

Is this like a toilet? It is simply a dressing table for women. All cosmetics are brands and customers can use them at will.

what are these? These are the factors of network communication.

If you see a toilet in a hot pot restaurant, would you take a photo, make a video and send a circle of friends? I think a lot of people will do this, this is the key.

In the era of mobile Internet, the powerful food and beverage marketing is more than just providing delicious food. It also provides content that customers can share on the web at any time. For example: Starbucks, Haidilao is like this.