After McDonald's was acquired, it was ridiculed for the company's name changed from McDonald's to Golden Arch. But in the outdoor advertising world, McDonald's has always been a god-level existence. Whether McDonald's turned into a golden arch and not low, his outdoor advertising is a classic.

Although the name was changed to the Golden Arch, McDonald's was always McDonald's in advertising! The classics of the past have always been praised, and new classics have been created.

Want to see what kind of outdoor advertising can be regarded as a textbook-like classic by the industry? We have selected some of the most representative billboards and have a look together!

One. Outdoor wall advertising


Needless to say, the simple realistic design with white background and small LOGO vividly tells you what McDonald's can eat.

two. Outdoor big name advertisement

Choose McDonald's or Burger King? If you don't want to drive 258km, then of course you choose McDonald's. This outdoor billboard, intimately helped Burger King to make a menu, but in contrast, it uses the distance advantage to highlight himself, it can be said that the effect is very good.


Don't tell the direction on the road? Don't worry, the avatars refer to the McDonald's column of the road sign, which is bright and conspicuous. It serves as both a road sign and a good brand.

What to eat every day is one of the most difficult multiple choice questions. In order to solve this problem, McDonald's intimately use the principle of the sundial to create a very attractive big-name advertisement.

According to the principle of the sundial, distribute the product on the billboard and mark the time. At different times, McDonald's M will be replaced on different foods. If you don't know what time to eat, then check out this advertisement to order from McDonald's!

The special-shaped billboard allows the coffee pot and coffee to be used as an advertising body, and the image is vividly implanted into the brand to attract customers.

three. Roadside stop sign

Walking on the road, seeing a puzzle, will you go to play? If it is an interactive billboard, the operation is simple, then there should be a lot of people to play. McDonald's integrates interactive media into outdoor stop signs and uses jigsaw puzzles to engage pedestrians to interact with ads. Because the creativity is interesting, the brand has also been well spread.

Food safety is a concern for everyone. For salads, the freshness of ingredients is an important criterion for determining whether a salad is safe and delicious.


So how do you prove that your ingredients are healthy and fresh? McDonald's made a visually appealing vegetable salad into a bus stop poster to appeal to consumers who love healthy eating. The bright colors and the sense of water and coldness in the cold storage make this platform advertisements eye-catching.

Since the birth of McDonald's, it has not only achieved a Western-style fast food culture with KFC, but also made many classic outdoor advertisements. His creativity has attracted both consumers and the admirers of a group of advertisers.

No matter how the times develop, how technology advances, how traditional outdoor media and new outdoor media will evolve. What can make classic outdoor advertising is not a new or old media carrier, but an advertising idea.

Excellent ideas can amplify the unique temperament of the brand, and can be used as the core catalyst for advertising to influence consumers and give them the impulse to identify or buy.