Information flow advertising is actually a way of advertising, interspersed in the original product information. Information flow represents not a kind of advertising mode, but only a way to show, we usually see information flow advertising, the mode behind it may be DSP advertising, may also be mobile advertising network, native advertising, etc. (DSP advertising display form is not only information flow, but also patch, banner, etc.).


 Because of its exploding popularity and changing habits. Once upon a time, when people encounter problems, they are accustomed to "baidu once, you will know"; Now people spend more time looking at what's happening in the world and what's interesting to them. The rapid development of the mobile Internet, the increase of fragmented time and the fear of "boredom" and "embarrassment" have made the screen of mobile phone the screen with the longest staring time. Their dependence on the Internet is no longer limited to "what is XX", but to "what is the world". Behind every information flow media is a set of recommendation mechanism, which keeps them in a fresh and interesting information environment. This positive user experience makes people get used to and addicted to it. From the brush micro blog to brush the circle of friends to brush today's headlines, happy.

Where there are users, there is a market. At the same time, advertising is also the most important way to realize the flow of some information apps. As a result, information flow ads cluster together.

At this time, information distribution in the form of information flow has replaced the distribution entrance of search engine to a certain extent, so the installation of information APP has been going up all the way, and there has been a decline in SEM.