In recent years, China's advertising industry has entered an unprecedented period of activity. Both the number of advertising companies, the number of employees and the advertising turnover have shown a rapid growth trend. With the rapid development of advertising industry today, we also see that many problems existing in the development of domestic advertising companies have directly affected the healthy development of China's advertising industry. China's advertising market is like a big cake, many advertising companies come to split and eat, so that advertising business units and employees rapidly increase, the good and bad are interchangeable, understand the management of less, more small capital management. According to relevant statistics, as an important force in the industry of professional advertising companies, the average number of each less than 20 people. The large-scale operation of advertising companies has become the "bottleneck" of the normal development of the industry. The existing advertising professionals are far from meeting the needs of the development of China's advertising companies, and the traditional management model also restricts the development prospects of advertising companies, which is also an important reason for the current level of China's advertising industry is not high. Therefore, it is very necessary to analyze the current development status of domestic advertising companies and to look into the future.


  I. current situation analysis

(I) low entry threshold

At present, China's advertising industry has a rather chaotic structure, a few professional advertising companies with strong strength and high quality, and a large number of various "mom-and-pop shops", "mill processing shops" coexist. Compared with other industries, the advertising industry has the characteristics of low investment, low risk and large business market. As a result, many investors have stepped into the industry to get a piece of the action. In fact, many advertising companies can maintain the operation and profit as long as they have a fixed number of customers in the early stage of business. However, having a fixed customer base is obviously not enough, and may also face the problem of customer loss. How to expand the company's business, how to improve employee morale, how to cultivate and retain talents, how to grow stronger and earn more profits, has become a bottleneck that many advertising companies themselves cannot break.

(2) single structure and serious homogeneity

At present, the domestic advertising company mainly produce generally, only a few is given priority to with creative planning design of advertising companies, and much less a 4 a advertising company, in shenzhen, for example, large and small advertising companies have tens of thousands of home, studio, composed of 3, 4 of whom there are 10 people around a small company, there are about 50 medium advertising company, and more than 100 advertising company are much rarer. The business scope of advertising companies is mostly very narrow, homogenization is very serious, sometimes on a street is the production of advertising logo company, and to spray painting production of companies is more like cattle hair. This has also led to vicious competition among advertising companies, including price wars and undermining each other, which has finally led to smaller and smaller profit margins, and countless advertising company bosses are struggling with meager profits. But how to do bigger and stronger, has become a distant dream, severe living environment has been nakedly placed in front of the advertising company bosses, whether to continue to survive, or change the business thinking, has been an urgent problem.

(3) complex production process

The production process of the advertising company is extremely complicated. In the words of li rong, general manager of hubei qunyi, "the production process of the advertising company is much more complicated than building a car." Why? Because making cars is an assembly line job, a standardized industrial production. And regard advertisement industry as, without unified standard, because advertisement company is to be aimed at different client, want to satisfy client different demand, if have 100 clients, so be about to have 100 kinds of different individuation demand. It is precisely because of the complexity of the process that advertising companies tend to make mistakes and have low efficiency. Business card design, for example, from the LOGO design to layout design, at least half an hour, during which the client will also require changes repeatedly, from finalized and a business card printing time, at least 1 day before delivery, make a box of business CARDS in some companies is less than 10 yuan, and the production process needs to be done a few people, its technology is complex.


(2) China's advertising market is promising

Although the advertising industry has fierce competition, it also has huge market potential and is full of business opportunities everywhere. China has become one of the fastest growing markets in the global advertising industry. China's advertising industry, which has experienced two stages, namely the embryonic stage and the rapid development stage, has entered a stable development stage. In steady development at the same time, China's advertising industry is facing enormous challenges and opportunities, on the one hand, foreign advertising companies are trying to enter the Chinese market, on the other hand, because of the influence of the financial crisis, has had a huge impact to China's export-oriented enterprise, many enterprises have begun to turn to do domestic sales, sale in domestic market is to build a brand, and do as a result, the demand for advertising company, especially given priority to with CI brand construction of huge advertising company demand, this kind of form prompted China's advertising industry quickly become bigger and stronger, to face the challenge and a rare opportunity.

 How to grasp the opportunity, how to stand out in the race, this is our country must study the subject in the advertising industry, and as a result, as advertising company boss, should be awake to recognize their own advantages and disadvantages, complement each other, from adjust measures to local conditions, starting from the actual situation, the system management, multi-project management mode and the performance of quantitative assessment, effectively in the company management operation, through the effective integration of resources, company is bound to usher in a new situation. We firmly believe that China's local advertising companies

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