The usual advertising style used on weekdays can no longer meet the growing demand of the brand, and experiential marketing is the biggest winner this summer. The vision of the unique brand, its way of thinking has broken through the traditional "rational consumer" assumption, under the blessing of IP, social fission, small programs and other content, platform and technology marketing means, through the creation of coverage consumers The full sensory experiential marketing of watching, listening, using and participating perfectly satisfies the rational and emotional needs of consumers and becomes the key to stimulating consumers' purchasing behavior. At the same time, it also makes this summer's brand warm warfare ten enough!


Campus scene "God restore"

IP subverts brand imagination

In the summer, the Pizza Hut, which is born as a brand concept, launched a thick and brittle combination of two hands, and made a pizza for the “circle powder” young people, and chose a new way in marketing. Mann IP "Getting my brother away", combined with Tencent to create a new game of Guoman IP cross-dimensional marketing, through the creative insertion, create a cross-dimensional "all-star" store, open the Pizza Hut ordinary middle school "summer day experience activities", will IP's second and third-yuan young fans turned into brand fans, and the brand influence and new product sales continued to soar.



IP multiple blessing

Not only fun but also sell goods

The ice cream brand that is popular among young people is much more lovely. In the summer season when it is urgently needed to cool down, it is the choice of Tencent video domestic anime big IP "Magic Dao". Through the online animation content customization, the role of the virtual character endorsement, the offline magic road models cute multi-sales listing and other modes, the entire line breaks the secondary wall to achieve full scene IP deep cooperation. At the same time, in the circle of friends and small programs to achieve O2O closed loop, the whole chain to achieve sales conversion, and successfully let IP's ability to bring goods has become a powerful boost to brand sales growth.



Product creation + channel common + communication and construction

Three-line integration to achieve a win-win situation

McDonald's took the opportunity of the 50th anniversary of the birth of the Big Mac in 2018, and found a national first-hand tour "King of the Glory" that also has the "king" and "dominey" DNA. From McDonald's custom game IP meal, King Glory custom skin and special effects, joint sub-dimension deep customization of the surrounding products, to the king's glory in-game activities and the online and offline channels of the McDonald's "King of the Canyon" theme custom restaurant, and then to the creative The cooperation of TVC and the whole platform has enabled the cooperation to achieve the bright results of the product and the win-win situation: the number of participants in the 5 days after the event went online reached 20 million, and the WeChat end “20 yuan giant plan” coupon cancellation rate Up to 50%, some single store giants package sales on the day of the event increased by 400%!



Immersive interaction for one second through the World Cup

Multi-scene through to achieve massive exposure

The summer of 2018 is different for the World Cup. Coca-Cola has specially customized 31 bracelets representing the exclusive icons of different national teams for this World Cup. With the help of Tencent's innovative technology, users can use the scanning code and AR technology to carry out immersive interaction to accumulate the “station index” for the national team they support. The interaction between the social platform and the deep integration of the content of the information platform made the “station index” form a social fission. The new voting advertisements of the circle of friends, the flash screen and other resources also cooperated with each other, which finally allowed Coca-Cola to win the cup in the summer brand war.



Small program to take advantage of the new experience

Open sales conversion double valve

Also taking advantage of the World Cup boom, Mengniu and the small program innovation cooperation, through the World Cup hotspots to create a "play FIFA World Cup, scan code red envelope 100%" series of integrated marketing activities. Consumers directly evoke small programs to participate in interactions by scanning code Mengniu activity products, connecting WeChat campaign, WeChat card coupons, WeChat social sharing and other functions with small programs as the center, playing the World Cup and detonating products at the same time; combining "one thing and one yard" "Deployment realizes full-time activity data and market feedback data in real-time tracking, effectively expanding CRM data into secondary marketing reserve enterprise data assets, forming a marketing closed loop. The total number of participants in the 129 days of the small program is more than 71 million, and the total number of scan codes is as high as 220 million, and it ranks first in the retail category for two consecutive months!


◆ Content is king, popular IP and fans hit “emotional cards”

Along with the continuous development of the domestic animation IP industry, the variety of IP explosions has been born, IP gameplay continues to innovate, and the value of IP marketing is also constantly highlighted. Using popular IP as a bridge of communication, the brand and the consumer will resonate emotionally, and then use IP influence to drive brand communication, turn IP fans into brand fans, and finally bring real gold and silver sales.

◆ Share first, black technology helps social fission upgrade

As social becomes the core appeal of consumers online, brands need to adopt interactive forms that are novel in form, express attitudes, and demonstrate individuality when communicating with consumers. Behind the various social interactions, it is inseparable from the blessing of AR, LBS and other technologies. By achieving the consumer's multi-dimensional experience, activating the brand experience, increasing the brand's goodwill, and bringing goods for the brand strength.