The first aspect is that those who are not trained in advertising are not born in the market. Their experience comes from Chinese, communication, photography, art, marketing and other industries. Their success has three aspects: self-ability, the gap in the advertising field, and the need of the market for advertising. Now in 2008, I take 10 years as the limit, 10 years ago to now China's advertising has been unprecedented development, more foreign experience, open passion. The current situation is that Chinese advertising in pain in the transformation, how to find Chinese characteristics of advertising, I think we should first analyze the Chinese people. The future is the era of our advertisers in the 80 s, I believe that the future China calls for the return of the advertising itself characteristic, haven't you found up to now it still has a lot of dogmatic advertisements on television, can't you see even brand (except international brand), there is still a lot he advertising creative, if you see a foreign advertising, have you ever thought why they will be fascinated by it, and see the advertisement of China will change channels (mouth should scold 1). This is the prospect, this is our opportunity and motivation, and our dream!!!

Second aspect: let me share my little experience with you (if you are going to graduate school, you may consider communication, but you still need to know marketing and Chinese thoroughly).

I do advertising planning to now do marketing planning for five years, I see in your words and mood five years ago, when I did not have the opportunity to you so clever everywhere for answers.

My experience is in a small plane advertisement company internship, from graphic design to, understand the operation process of the advertising firm (because the plane design need advertising experience is far less than actual combat experience of planning, so low barriers to entry), and of course, you may be able to find a better way to cut into advertising company, we are no background, only hope that through their own efforts to meet bole, I met two, hope you can set the point of view, the fear of the several hundred yuan will do for a start, with a good boss, good good study!!!!!!

My 2 pace follow a health care to taste an industry to write the old man of copywriting origin namely, study writes copywriting, enter advertisement company to do activity plan again later, do activity plan independently finally. The only regret is that I don't have a lot of front-line marketing experience.


The professional qualities you should have

1. It's a theory, a deep theory

2. The most important thing is to keep learning new marketing and advertising knowledge

3. Do some marketing work and get to know the customers

4, contact an advertising industry, or a product industry to do in-depth. Don't be afraid to narrow the scope, because when you have an Epiphany one day you will find that all the theories are basically the same, and that your abilities and experience actually come from the consumers

5, the world view, the overall view, and constantly broaden their horizons, which is the most advertising people need.

6. Case studies: make yourself a database of AD campaigns

7, from copy to do, but also understand the plane

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