For traditional e-commerce, it is essential to improve the company, product popularity and appropriate marketing methods in a short period of time. Event marketing is a good marketing method and has developed into a very popular public relations communication at home and abroad. Marketing tools, coupled with the emergence of video, blogs, forums, Weibo, WeChat and other ancillary marketing tools, also enhanced the wings of event marketing.


In-depth discussion of the points to pay attention to in event marketing:

1, do not blindly follow the trend.

"Innovation is the king" is the mainstream of the modern era. It is also true for online marketing promotion. We should not see a method to copy blindly, but should implement the combination of its own actual situation and marketing.

2, in line with news regulations.

To do event marketing, we must remember that we must comply with the news regulations. I used to plan for an optical shop, sell glasses cloth, glasses boxes and other items in the square, and then arrange for people to rob, then the theme of the citizens is not high. To carry out the hype, this incident will definitely cause a lot of controversy and some negative energy. Therefore, the leader believes that this indecent behavior may have an impact on law and order.

3. The event is closely linked to the brand.

Event marketing is to promote products, so the event must be related to the brand, in order to promote the brand.

4, to attract media attention.

Event marketing was first called news marketing, so the event was inseparable from the media. The author studied various event marketing cases and found the shadow of the media. Most of them were successful because of media intervention, so the media occupied in event marketing. An important part.

5, keep trying.

As everyone knows, it is impossible to do anything smoothly. Therefore, in the process of event marketing implementation, it will definitely encounter different situations when marketing personnel plan. Therefore, enterprises want to succeed in event marketing and must insist on implementation and continuous trial.


With the development of the Internet, the network as a new type of marketing platform has been paid more and more attention by enterprises. It has many advantages such as informationization, time and space, low cost, and individualization. It helps enterprises improve their performance and obtain profits. Play a huge role in the 21st century, if anyone missed online marketing, who would miss an opportunity to miss an era.

First, enterprise positioning seo optimization needs to be precise.

As we all know, accurate positioning helps the successful execution of enterprise network marketing. Positioning is the development direction of an enterprise. How to achieve accurate positioning of the enterprise, all efforts will be in vain, positioning includes multiple aspects, including profit model, target customers, Core products, product selling points, keywords and positioning of the mobile Internet.

Second, marketing websites need to have the ability to spread and deal with power.

According to statistics, at present, 90% of companies have made their own websites, but only 1% of them have received orders online. Why is this? The main reason is that your website does not have the power and communication power. Therefore, the focus of online marketing is to promote marketing websites should have these two important factors, which is the key to the success of online marketing.

Third, the operational team structure needs to be improved.

Research shows that the main reason why many enterprise network marketing can't be carried out at present is the lack of talents. We know that the structure of the operation team is the core of network marketing. Therefore, enterprises need to be equipped with staff and staff work arrangements and distribution. Standardized construction, and a comprehensive performance appraisal system is required.