Advertising design is a career, based on the application of computer graphic design technology, with the development of the advertising industry formed by a new career. The main characteristics of the occupation is the image, text, color, layout, graphics and other elements of the expression of advertising, combined with the use of advertising media characteristics, through the relevant design software on the computer to achieve the expression of advertising purposes and intentions, a design activities or process of graphic art creativity. Advertising design refers to the intermediate process from creation to production. Advertising design is the combination of advertising theme, creativity, language, image, foil and other five elements. The ultimate goal of advertising design is to attract eyeballs through advertising.


Advertising design includes all forms of advertising: two-dimensional advertising, three-dimensional advertising, media advertising, display advertising and many other forms of advertising.

Design skills

Please refer to the following steps when receiving a job:

1. What are you going to do?

2. What do you hope to achieve?

3. How do you do it?

4. What creative ideas do you want to reinforce this purpose?

5. What design do you use to express your creativity?

6. What typography do you use to help with your ideas?

(don't turn on the computer until these six steps are completed, and think in the simplest lines.) what is a "plump" design? "Plump" doesn't mean filling up a page.

Every design must contain an idea supported by "product features", "target customers" and "selling points". The whole design around its development, unity and a center, interlocking, from the shallow to the deep or by deepening the shallow, gradual, regular, rhythm, focus, can be regarded as a "plump" design. Create a "waste free" design

Most designs consist of pictures and copy. Before the design, you must fully understand the copy, read and understand, and then start the next step. Because the best result you want to achieve (in terms of the design itself) is to combine images with copy. Only in this way can not make the purpose of advertising deviation, do not make copy content deterioration, play inch "word" inch gold advertising copy of the original flavor. Advertising doesn't allow you to have any waste.


The principle of originality in advertising creativity. The so-called principle of originality refers to that advertising creativity should not be conformist, but should have the courage to be innovative and innovative. Creative advertising creativity has the most powerful psychological breakthrough effect. Distinctive novelty is eye-catching, and its distinct charm will trigger people's strong interest, can leave a deep impression in the audience's mind. Long remembered, this series of psychological processes conform to the goals of the psychological ladder conveyed by advertising.