Advertising effectiveness is often the result of a combination of creative strategies. ClydeBedell, an American advertising consultant, believes that: advertising theme positioning, advertising communication effect and marketing factors other than advertising are three factors that affect advertising effect. According to the views of ClydeBedell and other experts, the factors affecting the effectiveness of advertising are summarized.

1. Advertising strategy factor

Advertising strategy is the grasp of advertising decision-making at the macro level. It is a long-term overall planning based on thorough investigation and research. Famous English advertising scientist John Philip. "Strategy is like a diving platform built on top of a swimming pool," Jones once said. It should be built firmly at the deep end of a swimming pool to provide the best conditions for the diver to dive safely and gracefully." Scientific and creative advertising strategy is the key to the success of advertising communication and the success of the whole marketing strategy. In the mid and late 1990s, CCTV ICONS who were once very popular were mostly like shooting stars. One of the most important reasons was that these enterprises had problems with their advertising strategies. They lacked research on advertising strategies and often made decisions by feeling or experience. Some international brands such as Coca-Cola, unilever, etc., they are in the Chinese market advertising strategy direction is clear, such as Coca-Cola in 2000 during the Spring Festival with full of advertising image of Chinese traditional culture, puppet phooey siblings, advertising by Alfred scenario, the New Year in the brother and sister to let a person feel real Chinese traditional culture.


2. Market positioning factor

The essence of market positioning is to make the enterprise clearly distinguish from other enterprises, and to make customers feel and recognize this difference, so as to leave a special impression in the minds of customers. Advertising communication activities are to strengthen the impression of customers on products with the theme of positioning. Due to the serious homogenization of similar products in the modern market, brand differences are also shrinking, coupled with the explosion of media information, making it increasingly difficult for advertising to establish a unique and clear brand image, consumers tend to prefer those brands with clear positioning. Positioning theory holds that there exists a "mental steps" consumers of mental models, when consumer is buying a certain category or characteristics of goods, there is always a sequence of preferred brand, and generally always priority ladder the top brand of choose and buy, Australian advertising at Max Sutherland called "sort" agenda. Therefore, before marketing products, enterprises should first make clear their positioning, which is the basis of effective advertising.

3. Advertising media selection factors

Advertising media is the material carrier and intermediary for the dissemination of advertising information. Modern advertising media presents a trend of diversification and fragmentation, with obvious distribution of audiences. In addition to the four traditional media and the Internet, more outdoor media and mobile media have been developed. In recent years, with the increasing popularity of mobile phone and the arrival of 3G era, mobile phone has become an emerging advertising medium. In the era of single media, advertisers have little choice and the media decision is relatively simple. With the diversification of media and the diversification of audiences, on the one hand, it brings more choices to advertisers, and at the same time makes the media decision of advertising more difficult. The characteristics of various media and media combination strategies have been analyzed in detail in the previous chapter on advertising media, and will not be expanded here.

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4. Advertising creativity and performance factors

Advertising creativity and expression directly affect the effect of advertising. The core of modern advertising lies in creativity, and its charm also lies in creativity. It is the basic task of advertising creativity to create advertising works integrating artistic taste and touching plots according to the characteristics of advertising products. Creativity not only directly determines the taste of advertising campaigns and the resulting market appeal, but also indirectly affects the shaping of corporate image. William burnback, a famous American advertising guru, called creativity the soul of advertising and stressed that advertising creativity should be "relevant, original and shocking" in order to make a deep impression on people. David ogilvy, for his part, argues that a good idea should draw attention to the product and sell it without even attracting attention. Therefore, advertising creativity and performance will directly affect the advertising effect.

5. Integrated transmission factor

The theory of integrated marketing communication participant - American marketing home don schultz believes that in the chaos in the complex market environment, for consumers, distributors or retailers do integrated single key information is very important, after the integration of overall sex is the only thing that might make information consistently convey to the target object, and using the integrated communication can improve the communication effect of advertising.

Modern market information is massive, coupled with audience diversion, information mutual interference is increasingly serious, it is very difficult for enterprises to achieve the ideal effect only through single dissemination. Therefore, multiple communication tools, such as public relations, event marketing, promotion activities, CI, packaging and new media, should be fully combined to make the best combination and give full play to the overall effect so that consumers can get in touch with the information of the same theme in different occasions and in different ways. In 2005, mengniu carried out integrated marketing and communication activities through super girl program of hunan satellite TV and achieved very good results.