In the international market advertising or marketing activities, the basic rules of the activities and the domestic market is the same, some practices are common. However, due to the complex environment of the international market, different countries have different levels of economic development and different national cultural habits, so they have different attitudes towards advertising. In the United States, for example, companies take advertising as an important decision in their marketing activities. While some countries regard advertising as an economic waste. Therefore, in the formulation of international advertising plans, it is necessary to understand the specific situation of each country and the different attitudes to advertising, to adopt appropriate practices and strategies. Cultural risk is one of the main risks of international advertising, which should be avoided mainly by firmly establishing the concept of "audience-centered advertising communication".


Current situation of the development

International advertising is the product of the development of international marketing activities. International advertising refers to the advertising of products in the target country or region for the purpose of cooperating with international marketing activities. It is based on the national advertising development as the matrix, and then enter the world market advertising publicity, so that export products can quickly enter the international market, win the reputation of the product, expand the sales of the product, achieve the sales target.

At present, the world advertising industry has the following trends:

The penetration of electronic information into advertising is very striking.

(2) high-tech achievements are widely used in advertising.

(3) advertising more attention to set up the image of enterprises and products.

(4) advertising design needs to better understand consumers' psychology and needs, highlight the national style.

(5) advertising production is more professional, more diversified forms of advertising and attention to human nature.

6. Advertising activities have a tendency of globalization, international advertising cooperation further development.

7) international advertising also has the trend of large-scale merger.


Basic Features Editor

Compared with domestic advertising, international advertising has its own characteristics because its target market and target market are international and advertising agency is world-wide. This is because different countries and regions have different social systems, different policies and decrees, different levels and structures of consumption, different traditional customs and habits, different natural environments, different religious beliefs, and different consumption concepts and market characteristics. ?

International advertising must take into account the economic environment of the importing country.

(2) International advertisements must respect the customs and habits of the host country.

(3) International advertisements must be adapted to the cultures of different countries.

International advertisements must respect the religious beliefs of all countries. ?

(5) International advertisements should abide by the control of advertisements by various countries.

(5) International advertisements should pay attention to the natural environment, people's income level, national cultural and educational level and language characteristics of each country.