This year's advertising and marketing stage has staged countless wonderful "big dramas". Do you remember which marketing events have been smashed and once swept our circle of friends? What other advertising cases make you forget or worry about it? In the past few years, the number of readings, comments and user feedbacks has filtered out “most topical” marketing events, bringing you to review the 2019 advertising marketing industry that is watching and slobbering. Topic

Baique Ling: Incarnation 1931 Beauty Agent

In recent years, the national old brand Baique Ling has made a name for itself on the younger marketing road. Apart from the virus video that keeps running, this year's most unexpected is the long graphic advertisement. Not only is the mirror in the end, but the form of the story and the reversal of the implants are surprisingly pleasant. The "local climate investigation team" behind the surgeons has also become famous. However, the red-hot road of marketing can be described as a wave of twists and turns. First, it was fired by the marketing number in the circle. After that, it was caused by a violation of the infringement, and finally it was bursting with a high reading volume but a huge sales conversion rate. It has sparked debate in the industry about whether advertising communication is positively related to effectiveness. A marketing can have such a long-lasting heat, and nothing else, the super-existence of Baique Ling is actually brushed out.


Ofo × Xiao Huangren R&D workshop

Xiao Huangren × Xiao Huang, this pair of laughs may be the yellowest CP in history. It can be said that this year is the most impressive cross-border marketing event. Whether it was for the film "Daddy Dad 3" that was released at the time, it was a great boost to the recognition and goodwill of theo brand. The combination of the two can be said to be very high. The Xiaohuang people will be turned into a workshop worker of Xiaohuangqi. They will use a series of creative techniques such as a small circle of friends, a small yellow headline newspaper, and a research and development workshop H5. It was the appearance of Xiao Huangren's styling ofo in the streets and lanes, which made it a eye-catching and sought-after bicycle. All of this effectively helped theo to stand out in the shared bicycle field.


Alipay: 108 people take a subway photo

If Netease Cloud's music review series is playing a new level of UGC content marketing, then Alipay's ultra-long subway advertising is playing a new dimension of amateur advertising. Using 108 amateur photos + dialogue / monologue, the light is visually very impactful; the hand-written combination of character cards has become a variety of Alipay use scenarios, the copy is simple and clear and has a stalk, the "payment will use Alipay" sentence Alipay's new slogan runs through from start to finish and is placed on both sides of the subway channel. People passing by don't want to be impressed.


Tencent Public Welfare: Children's Gallery

The "Arts Lights Life" charity event initiated by the Shanghai Art Road Foundation (WABC) on the Tencent Public Welfare Platform, the "Children's Gallery", is designed to eliminate social prejudice and help people with self-study. Special populations such as autism, cerebral palsy, and Down syndrome improve their lives, integrate into society, and achieve self-worth. The low threshold of love can only be provided by scanning code, and the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment brought by sharing and conveying love are the reasons for their crazy screen friends circle. We are delighted to find that through the social platform, the public interest can become a loving force that everyone can reach and enjoy. From the short-term half-day to complete the crowdfunding goal of 15 million, the future of social + public welfare is truly limitless.