1, advertising marketing articles

Advertising marketing refers to the activities in which enterprises promote and promote products through advertising, promote direct purchases by consumers, expand sales of products, and enhance the visibility, reputation and influence of enterprises. This is the most common marketing method. Wang Po sells melons, naturally it is necessary to praise me. How can I drink it but it is very particular. Some people lose money to buy and sell. Some people scream out but only recruit others' eyes. In the following cases, not only buy and sell And even the sound of the slaps won the full house.

2, competitive marketing articles

Competitive marketing refers to how companies in the competitive market accumulate marketing resources, cultivate marketing capabilities, and think about marketing strategies, marketing tactics, marketing strategies, and ultimately the promotion of marketing competitiveness through competitive thinking and methods. Shopping malls, such as the battlefield, dare to compete and be good at competition, will grow in the competition of the mall. See how people are violently launching wars, and seeing how people see the tricks, not only have the fun to watch, but also the most to grow your marketing wisdom.

3, public relations marketing articles

Public relations marketing is a marketing tool with public relations tools as the main tool, and it is a tool-oriented communication. The functions are brand maintenance, product marketing, word-of-mouth maintenance, and affiliated with network marketing. "Sneak into the night with the wind, the things are quiet." Everyone knows the importance of public relations, but it does not show up. Without traces, it is the highest level of public relations.

4, strategy promotion marketing articles

The marketing strategy is that the company takes the customer's needs as the starting point, obtains the information of the customer's demand and purchasing power based on experience, and the expectations of the business community, and organizes various business activities in a planned manner. Marketing is the most tactical. Therefore, it is much more important to engage in marketing “brain” than “force”. Some people are like a rotation, but others are worried about the stock of the full warehouse. Using the plan, this is the most fundamental source of the gap.

5, event marketing articles

Event marketing is a popular communication and marketing tool at home and abroad this year. It integrates news effects, advertising effects, public relations, image communication, and customer relationships, and creates opportunities for new product introductions and brand displays. Identification and brand positioning form a marketing tool that quickly enhances brand awareness and reputation. In the eyes of marketing experts, things in the world can always be used for me. There are ready-made things, they can be used ingeniously, nothing, they can also create different events to expand their brand or corporate visibility. This is the difference between a master and an ordinary person.