First of all, I usually do design work, like reading books. This is a word I saw in a book. Then I summed it up. Let’s share it with you. In fact, news advertising is a relatively common one. Called the law, the official name is "editorial" advertising, in fact, this is a reference to some Western propaganda methods, the simple point is to use newspapers or magazines, use the same typeface to put their own ads on it, let people mistakenly think it is There is also a news, so the rate of transmission will be very fast.


So, for news advertising, how much do we live in? Who is still reading the newspaper now? Indeed, people who read newspapers in China and around the world may be decreasing. Maybe young people are more willing to watch mobile phones. Like a certain milk company, an advertisement that was played in newspapers many years ago. For example, "A certain milk is known to the people all over the country, and what is mystery?" In fact, apart from the fact that the content cannot be over-advertised, the main reason is that the title should be attractive. Now, how is this form of advertising now? This kind of propaganda is also one of the most powerful tools in advertising. We are actually playing around with entities and Internet merchants. Nowadays, many businesses are integrating with the Internet, and most of them use Internet tools to promote them


Let's take a few simple examples. The first one has no habit of buying magazines. In fact, there are such advertisements in magazines. They use the fusion of publications and the Internet to skillfully use the style of publications. Put the advertisements in and use the title to expand the propaganda of the content. You can buy a copy of it. In fact, there are still a lot of advertisements inside. In other words, for example, many people now play with the media, in fact, it is realized with the purpose. But in fact, there is such a part that can be said to be a writer, there are advertising businesses to let them write an article, which is actually the content of marketing advertising, but the content expression should not over-emphasize the product or can not have products, this is difficult, but it is indeed Do; let's say a simple one, have we seen the recipes shared by others on the Internet or the weight loss plan, in the form of sharing knowledge in the news media, let everyone pay attention to you, thereby enhancing their IP transmission rate for the future Prepare for realization.

A few years ago, foreign media surveyed that editorial (news-style) advertising, readers are 55% more than ordinary readers, and some say 80% more; this kind of advertising form through the "disguise" in the news, get Support from all kinds of amnesty; now most of the media are also citing this routine, indicating that people are very disgusted with direct advertising. If you are not interested in being in the middle, it means that your advertisement is really attractive, if you pass Sharing knowledge to get the attention of others, indicating that people need something that will get a certain value will take the initiative