1. Advertising needs to be accurate

Many public number when soft wen to add a few small advertising promotion effect, tend to choose words, pictures, etc in push content to add do soft wen marketing advertising information, but note that advertising must content related to the public, so that audience is more precise, the promotion effect is also more obvious, but we can't because of a temporary profit, regardless of the type of advertising is to pick up, for example, the public class parent number, we can pick up some maternal and infant class advertising, on the one hand, reading is not very bad, nor repels the fans on the other hand, there are the fans of the favorability, We can also further amway some maternal and infant products to fans, do both sides can benefit, but instead of the advertisement of the product if you meet some men, there is no doubt that the fans will be, and cancel the attention is something every minute, so you should be careful take advertising, a bit not pay attention to is counterproductive.

2. Make effective use of advertorials

Writing the soft wen to write clear, eye-catching title, the title of good, fans will have to points in the desire, and articles can also do some activities, such as in the article comments extraction lucky viewers, to send a few small gifts, or is according to the contents of advertisements do some prize to correct such retain the fans and achieve the promotion effect, kill two birds with one stone, with a small amount of money to consolidate fans, not only effectively avoid the advertising on the fan, and improve the activity of fans.

3. Advertisement should have connotation

We pay attention to the public, the motivation is to get information, if a public information can give me want, attractive content to me, I will always, in fact, fans of what type of advertising is not hated, I WeChat will focus on some advertising public, because they teach me how to dress, also can tell me where to go or how to go to buy some needed items, or some discount information, even advertising I get what I want, so I would prefer, this time is I don't care about the advertising of the output, On the contrary, sometimes I will feel a little pity that I have learned a certain makeup look without product recommendation, because I have to go to many platforms to find products.

4. Advertise with attitude

Say advertising we will think of durex, Jiang Xiaobai, apple, advertising for these products have not ads, is one that represents their product positioning and attitude, let a person cannot help to expect their ads, think about it, if we do the advertising attitude, our fans will not be disgusted. On the other hand, we see some of the larger public number, they every post with some product advertising, but generally they are not just advertising output, but first tell you a story, talk about feelings, every word, every image is through author thoughtful, carefully planned, this advertising sometimes even higher than the average tweet reading rate, but it needs to have certain ability of planning and promotion skills, not all of the public can do, but I believe that is a direction of the development of the public, advertising in the future.