Classified advertisement is also called "demand advertisement". One kind of newspaper advertisement. Formally, this kind of advertisement categorizes the various needs of different advertisers into different small columns, which are printed under the same heading. Classified advertisements are usually seen in the columns of loss, recruitment, job hunting, employment, enrollment, teacher seeking, friend seeking, courtship, rental of houses, sale of small commodities and so on, which cover all aspects of social life. This kind of advertisement is short in length, simple in production, fast in dissemination and low in price. It is more suitable for individuals, small enterprises and small groups.


To meet the needs of daily life of the public, we should focus on practical life information.


Disturbance and coercion have become the common rules of traditional advertising communication, which has caused the rejection of the audience. Classified advertisements on the Internet are classified according to their themes. Consumers can read them on their own initiative according to their needs, so they are becoming more and more popular with consumers.


A large number of similar advertisements are put together to form an online "industry supermarket", which is convenient for consumers to choose and highlight the scale effect.


Publishing a classified online advertisement only costs a few yuan a day. Advertisers can publish it for a long time, thus forming a goose feather effect.


Advertisers can publish rich advertising content such as text and pictures on the Internet without going out.