Private car advertising, also known as private car body advertising, private car body advertising. The advertisement is to advertise in the form of a car sticker on the body of a private car. This advertisement is a derivative form of outdoor advertising.

Market analysis:

The advertising platforms in the market mainly include mainstream media such as TV, newspapers, radio stations and networks. The niche media have magazines, text messages, etc., as well as other media such as outdoor billboards, street lamp flags, light boxes, and elevator advertisements. The effect of communication is a sign of the popularity of advertisements. The reference base is the communication surface, quantity, timeliness, etc. Due to the differences in advertising audiences and the differences in publicity purposes, each media advertisement has its own unique advantages and each has its own unique living space. Urban bus advertising has already matured and become one of the main outdoor advertising in urban areas, and it is also the most contrasting with private body advertising. Bus body advertisements and private car body advertisements are different although they are the same as mobile body advertisements. The bus line is fixed, the coverage area is small, and the audience is mixed. Private cars don't have fixed lines and can travel through every corner of the city. The bus advertising platform is in the hands of the bus companies, and the outsiders cannot participate in the sharing. The private car advertising resources are completely integrated in the market operation, first come first served. The most important thing is that compared with traditional media, its most prominent advantage is that the platform with advertising is very low cost. The private car advertising audience is basically consistent with the elevator advertising audience, but the coverage difference is large. The elevator advertisement can effectively cover the white-collar consumer groups and reach the advertising effect, but the carrier is fixed and the coverage population has limitations.


First, active tracking, like a shadow

The trajectory of private car body advertising spreads with the life of white-collar workers. The body advertisements follow the life path of the white-collar workers and actively track the white-collar workers for precise guided surround display. Different from the passive waiting of traditional advertisements, the advertisements of private car bodies show the characteristics of trajectory actively tracking white-collar workers and accompanying white-collar workers.

Second, the relationship between people and vehicles, word of mouth

Private car owners are the best in white-collar workers, they have a strong influence on white-collar workers. After undertaking the body advertisement, the owner became the de facto brand spokesperson. In interpersonal communication, through word of mouth, white-collar workers affect white-collar workers, and enhance the brand's affinity for white-collar workers. Because of the similar social background, white-collar workers often resonate with private car owners, and their recognition of car owners makes them more sympathetic to the brand that the car owners endorse. Through the association of people and vehicles, word of mouth, private car body advertising allows brands to walk with white-collar workers.

Third, mobile communication, network coverage

The private car's daily driving route is not fixed and has a very high mobility. It is active in areas of high-traffic traffic such as business districts, business and financial districts, and residential areas. With the different daily driving routes, the movement track of the private car body advertisements is distributed in a network, covering most of the city.

4. Controllable scale and flexible delivery

Compared with other tens of thousands of thousands of delivery costs, such as buses, private cars have the characteristics of low bicycle costs. The single-day advertising fee for a bicycle is only about 10 yuan. According to the effect that needs to be achieved, advertisers can control the number of vehicles to be delivered, ranging from tens of vehicles to hundreds of vehicles, and flexibly choose the scale of delivery.

5. Advertising consumption and mutual benefit

“A guest family” and colleagues, family and friends neighbors are mostly social groups with strong spending power, which are often the most important potential consumers of advertising products, and can play a direct marketing role.

Sixth, private body advertising process

1. The owner of the vehicle registers on the website and reserves information on the vehicle.

2. The website publishes the advertisement on the website in the form of a task. The owner can choose the task, and the website can also select the owner through the owner database.

3. The owner applies for the task, and after the website is reviewed, he chooses to determine the final list of participating tasks.

4. The website announces the list of tasks and the date and place of installation of the car stickers, and the location and date of the review after the task is over.

5. The owner of the vehicle goes to the site to install the car sticker and sign the agreement.

6. After the task expires, the owner arrives at the designated place on the specified date to conduct the task review and receive remuneration.