Advertising has positive and negative effects on life in two aspects:

Positive impact:

Advertisements are humorous and entertaining, helping consumers to enrich their lives

The sense of humor and entertainment of advertising can eliminate the fatigue of a day's work and make people happy.

Consumer behavior is deeply influenced by advertising

2.1 communication information:

Advertisement spreads commodity information to consumers so as to form cognition and impression of commodities, especially brands.

2.2 guide to purchase:

In the advertisement, the model consumption and purchase behaviors are publicized, and the wonderful effects after consumption or purchase are vigorously rendered, so as to give consumers obvious demonstration effect and guide people's consumption and purchase behaviors.

2.3 create popularity:

Advertisements often repeat the same content and appeal to consumers in exactly the same way for many times, creating a sensation effect by using popular social psychological mechanism to stimulate more consumers to participate in the purchase.

Advertising can promote the improvement of people's life quality

Advertising can continuously provide consumers with a lot of information about life and create convenience for consumers to carry out consumption activities, thus enriching consumers' lives, increasing their knowledge and broadening their vision.

Negative effects:

1. As advertising is dependent on commercial profits, it inevitably USES various ways or even kitsch to win the favor of the audience, polluting the social environment. In the nature of advertising to promote sales, there is a more or less misleading tendency. The vulgarization and even the vulgarization tendency in some commercial advertisements is nothing less than an erosion of mass media culture, which has seriously stained people's audio-visual and produced extremely bad social influence.

2. The wide spread of advertising makes the audience trapped in the magical cultural scene of advertising, which promotes the bad habits of hedonism, money worship and comparison. Advertising in order to achieve product promotion, great publicity, special publicity, virtually distorted people's consumption concept. As people keep up with each other, brand-name consumption has become a trend, which leads to endless competition in pursuit of differentiation. However, advertisements that encourage enjoyment and luxury consumption undoubtedly play a role.

3. The lack of seriousness of advertising distorts traditional culture and affects the normal development of social culture.

Due to the wide spread and frequent appearance of advertising, advertising language is often known by people, and then become a buzzword. Advertisers sometimes consider the effect of advertisements but ignore the culture itself when creating advertisements. Some bad advertising terms distort the social culture accumulated over thousands of years.