It is said that there are two industries most exercise people: one is advertising, one is insurance. President Roosevelt of the United States has a famous saying: "not President when advertising man." Therefore, many passionate young people get into this industry and strive for it.

Competition in all walks of life is fierce, and the life of advertising companies as service enterprises is not easy. At the beginning, which advertising people are not full of enthusiasm into a company want to kick, an ambition? The reality, however, is that very few people will be able to stay until the end. What remains unchanged is the standing wall that bears witness to the coming and going of people. A constant succession of new faces is the most common corporate gesture.

Why is there so much turnover at advertising agencies?

Management confusion

Advertising agency staff mobility, small and medium-sized advertising companies even more. When asked why they left their previous company, the overwhelming response was that the management was so chaotic that they were not in the mood to stay. This may be an excuse, but more often it is reality.

And on the other hand, numerous advertisement advocate also is in sigh cannot find appropriate advertisement company, in order to create more effective ground advertisement and changed AD company after advertising company, in many "drift" want to look for a "pleasant harbor", however in one after another run together in waste years, physical and mental exhaustion. This also reflects from the side advertising company itself has many aspects of the deficiency.

The competition between advertising companies is the competition between bosses, which is fundamentally the competition of management ability and comprehensive strength. Many bosses have strong business and public relations skills, but weak management skills. You can do things by yourself, not with a bunch of people. There are also some design technology born, a design master, entrepreneurship with people on the bad, small can, to a certain scale or industry competition to a certain extent fell behind.

The rule of law should not be ruled by man, and institutions should govern people rather than people. The system is to restrain people's behavior, but not to imprison people. A few sheets of paper are enough for a small company, refined, concise and to the point, to a certain size can be improved. You know, system is more important than talent. A good system can double the talent, while a bad system can bury the talent.