The origin of international Internet advertising

  Going back to its roots, online advertising originated in the United States. October 27, 1994 was a milestone in the history of online advertising. Hotwired magazine, a famous American magazine, launched an online version of Hotwired. It launched an online advertisement for the first time on its website, which immediately attracted 14 customers such as AT&T to post banners on their home pages, marking the official birth of online advertising. What's more, the click-through rate of online advertisements at that time was as high as 40%.

The history of online advertising in China

  The first commercial online advertisement in China appeared in March 1997 on Chinabyte, the communication website, with the form of 468×60 pixels animation banner advertisement. Intel and IBM are the first advertisers in China to place advertisements on the Internet. China's online advertising did not have a small scale until the beginning of 1999. After years of development, the network advertising industry has been gradually mature after several baptism.