Advertising or outdoor advertising is almost everywhere in our daily lives. Good advertising should not be annoying. Creative advertising that embodies the wisdom of wisdom will impress us, make people think or get some inspiration, and Play a very good advertising marketing effect. Today, let's enjoy the 5 most classic street advertisements. These advertisements are the soul of creativity. The interesting slogan and the design of the brain have to be convinced. Some even do not need slogans. It will be refreshing.

1. "The soul of good wine" - red wine advertising


2."Smoking can also lead to blindness" - anti-smoking public service ads


3. "You saw a cute child"; right picture: "Drink driving, you can't see it" - anti-drunk driving


4. “Stain in Corruption” – Anti-corruption Public Welfare Advertising


5. McDonald's outdoor advertising tells you that every ton of eating time is also divided into days.