In recent years, Chen Xiaoqing's team has created a unique food documentary narrative style, and also made the word "gourmet" from the ordinary label to a super-large IP of hundreds of millions. In this CCTV prime time advertisement, Chen Xiaoqing's team tailored for Hisense God's Refrigerator, cut into the concept of "flavor", and built a wonderful "food" with more than 300 kilograms and more than 200 kinds of real ingredients - - "Yunyunhai" with white fungus, "ice and snow" with noodles, "desert valley" with seafood gathering, "tropical rainforest" with fruits and vegetables... even dubbing, "flavored" Li Lihong, who used the royals, let many netizens like it. "It’s just like Alice in Wonderland! I thought I was reading a new episode of the documentary. It’s so good, I’m going back to the flavors in a second!”

    Because of the beautiful shooting techniques and meticulous high-tech micro photography, this advertisement has a film-like quality and composition, and the “freshness” of all foods is blowing. "We didn't do any special effects, all of them were real shots." Chen Xiaoqing's team stressed that "One of the characteristics of Hisense's refrigerator is that the preservation effect is excellent. The first thing we think of is that nature is the freshest! So we All ingredients used for the shoot are real and fresh."


These ingredients, which were really “protected” by Hisense God's Refrigerator, were planned, designed and carefully selected by Chen Xiaoqing's team. It took more than a month to formally complete the filming. This is their ingenuity: “We It’s not just about making it, we are doing it as a work.”

     In fact, after the "popular", Chen Xiaoqing received a lot of invitations from commercials, but this time he chose to cooperate with Hisense. First, because Hisense gave full trust, and secondly because of their recognition of Hisense. Executive director Liu Shutong said that in terms of the problem of refrigerator storage in Chinese households, the traditional double-door refrigerators are often not available for the flavored foods collected from the home, but the Hisense Gods refrigerator is based on the Chinese family's habits. Well-designed.

It is understood that this advertisement is not the first cooperation between Hisense Refrigerator and Chen Xiaoqing. As early as the beginning of this year, Hisense Refrigerator signed a strategic cooperation agreement with “Flesi Humans” and became an important partner of “Fragrance” IP. This cooperation is a new round of space that Haixin has developed for itself with strong technical ability and good at "brand long-distance running". "Compared with the field of science and technology, the humanity of food makes this circle have more audiences." Industry insiders said that in the refrigerator market, the brand concentration is getting higher and higher, pushing new products in new channels, will As the "new normal" of refrigerator marketing, Hisense refrigerator quickly found its own combination point, and its combination with food IP will undoubtedly yield higher returns.