A creative advertisement is an advertisement that an organization or enterprise takes the lead in launching a certain social activity or advocating a certain meaningful new idea in its own name. Generally speaking, creative advertising should have a clear theme and target to show the organization or enterprise's concern and support for social activities.

Creative advertising comes in many forms, including funny, public welfare, amazing, ironic, shocking, exaggerated, boring and other forms. The most important thing is to be creative and imaginative. Due to the development of network culture, creative advertising is also highly popular.

Creative advertising is permeable and circulating. Can quickly spread spontaneously on the Internet in the form of grapevine with attractive ideas. And let the advertising elements migrate deeply.

Creative advertising design is very important for advertising production, excellent advertising design will improve the attention of consumers, thus bringing good advertising revenue. To do a good job in creative advertising design, we need to understand the principles of creative advertising design composition, in order to better design creative advertising.