As a media that is juxtaposed with film, television, plane, and broadcasting, outdoor advertising has an absolute advantage in the release time---continuous and stable, but as the market competition becomes more and more fierce, the cost of outdoor advertising in key locations is getting higher and higher. This has caused confusion for many companies that want to promote their ads outside the brand. Below, Xiaobian will share the outdoor advertising plan and skills.


How to reasonably choose outdoor advertising is inseparable from the purpose of placing outdoor advertising.

In order to demonstrate strength, establish a strong brand image, and establish a brand leadership position, it should be selected in the center or key areas of the city; such as a brand in the important railway stations, bus stations and other important areas of the country to put outdoor advertising, so that the brand Public awareness and increased brand exposure.

In order to transmit information, strengthen the frequency of brand exposure; you can choose sidewalk billboards, traffic advertisements, etc. For special activities such as opening, celebration, promotion, etc., you can flexibly use outdoor advertising near special events, such as bus body advertising, hot air balloon advertising, spacecraft advertising, neon advertising, etc.

In addition to the purpose of delivery, outdoor advertising should also fully understand the audience's goals, that is, the object of advertising information. Including the intuitive perception of audience goals, visual impact and the impact of public opinion. The particularity of outdoor advertising also requires us to consider factors such as billboards, advertising approval, frequency of advertising, average daily traffic, and lease duration.

Then, if the small and micro enterprises that are just starting out are unable to bear the high cost brought by various outdoor advertising marketing, and want to promote their own brands and products through outdoor advertising, what kind of decision should be made?

In this case, outdoor wall printing advertising is a very good choice.


What are the characteristics of outdoor wall printing ads?

1. The scope of transmission is wide and the effect is obvious. The wall advertising form is simple, the appeal is single, and the color is gorgeous. Has a strong visual impact, and is invested in urban and rural entrances and exits or main roads, with a large flow of people and a wide range of dissemination;

2. Wall advertisements are “mandatory”, and travellers will inevitably see wall advertisements being affected by advertisements when they are in the middle of entry and exit.

3, wall advertising costs are low, long-term maintenance. 1 square meter but not more than ten yuan, the materials can guarantee the release time of more than one year;

4. Targeted and easy to control. Companies can target their own sales and target markets and be flexible in their scope.

Most of the published wall advertisements have achieved good feedback effects, and their advertising costs are far less than other media advertisements, thus forming a good network for brand promotion and effectively launching a province.

It is not difficult to see that wall advertising is not only the best way to open up the rural market, but also one of the better media for brand promotion.