Today, there are many forms of advertising, including outdoor advertising, multimedia advertising, and paper advertising. Some people still don't know much about outdoor advertising. So what is outdoor advertising? How should it be designed? Next, Xiaobian will tell you how to design outdoor advertising and outdoor advertising.


1. What is outdoor advertising?

We usually use outdoor advertising as an outdoor advertisement. It uses its own or leased buildings to set up commercial advertisements through light boxes, electronic display devices, outdoor LCD screens, display cards, and the like. We can often see a variety of outdoor advertisements on the bus, subway, airport, and on both sides of the road. Nowadays, outdoor advertising is not only the use of billboards, display screens, but also the emergence of air balloons, airships and other advertising forms.

2, the advantages of outdoor advertising

The reach of outdoor advertising is second only to TV media, and it can reach different levels of consumers through different placement locations. It has a variety of options and can be selected based on regional characteristics. Some outdoor advertisements are very creative and are more acceptable to consumers. Outdoor advertising is long-released, simple in content, and low in cost. It can avoid competition from other advertisements, and consumers can easily see it.


3, the shortcomings of outdoor advertising

Because outdoor advertising is mostly fixed in one place, its coverage area is relatively small, and its effect, people's acceptance is also more unpredictable.

Second, how to design outdoor advertising

1, simple and clear

Simplicity is an important principle of outdoor advertising. It is generally dominated by images and texts as auxiliary. The text should be concise and clear. The pattern is best infective, leaving the imagination space for the audience. Generally speaking, the simpler the picture, the people's Note that the value is higher.


2, the environment

When designing outdoor advertisements, it is necessary to consider the environment of the area. For example, on the sidewalk, it is convenient for people to look at outdoor advertisements 5 meters above the head in places 10 meters away. When designing advertisements, we can consider how to place outdoor advertisements according to distance, perspective, environment and other methods.

3, unique

Outdoor advertising must have its uniqueness in order to attract people's attention and make an impression. We can give people visual clashes through the ingenious combination of optoelectronic art, or attract people's attention by extending the advertising items beyond the billboards.