Under the impact of the mobile Internet rapid development, the traditional advertising, and outdoor advertising to stabilize the transmission range and efficiency of status in the advertising industry rise year by year, especially in some dark after superposition of technology and creativity, outdoor advertising is more likely to play out shine at the moment, so what are the outdoor advertising form?

The subway advertising

Subway is the most convenient means of transportation in the city, among which office workers and business people are an important part, which is also the reason why many advertisers choose. There is enough advertising space in subway with various forms, which provides great creative space for brand advertising. Most importantly, the gathering of consumers of different levels makes the reach rate of advertising very high.

Business advertising

Most of the business circle is the gathering place of young, fashionable and individual consumers. Therefore, relatively speaking, it will be favored by fashion or cutting-edge brands, such as fashion luxury goods, high-end cosmetics, cutting-edge Internet technology companies and intelligent electronic products. However, commercial advertising is mainly the large screen LED advertising inside and outside the shopping mall, which is a relatively large media size of resources, so the price is very expensive, suitable for some large brands of product advertising.

Transit advertising

The biggest advantage of highway and high-speed advertisement is wide coverage area, wide vision, long communication distance and clear picture quality. But the main target of high speed advertising is drivers and passengers, they are not business, delivery or home, so high speed advertising can be targeted for delivery.

Community elevator advertisement

Community elevator advertising has an obvious advantage: the target is stable, their needs are rigid, so the advertising reach rate and conversion rate is high. But resources are limited and costs are high.

There are a lot of outdoor advertising form, what form effect is best, can let the consumer shine at the moment is what we need to consider, outdoor advertising as a kind of the most common and most people get one of the forms of advertising, wide coverage, various types of advertising, any industry can be put on, only for consumption object, the different product characteristics and marketing strategy, there is a difference in the form of launch. Therefore, which industries are suitable for placing outdoor advertisements in which marketing personnel need to be flexible according to market feedback.