In daily life, have you noticed the huge outdoor advertisements on both sides of the street and the road? If not, it is the failure of the advertisement, indicating that these advertisements are not attractive. Good outdoor advertising should not only be accurate in image positioning, but also interesting and creative. It can attract pedestrians to stop and watch. Today, I shared 5 groups of creative and eye-catching classic outdoor advertisements. I hope everyone likes them.

  1. Liquor Advertising: This billboard is known as the most creative and design billboard, and is named “wine”.


2, Nike advertising: a super-powerful outdoor billboard.


3, Prestige Omega tableware ads: This tableware outdoor advertising painted the solid handle of the pan to the fullest.


4. Advertising on smoking cessation websites: huge cigarette butts are overwhelmed by website cards. The look is not very good, but the advertising theme is very simple and easy to understand.


5, Oldtimer restaurant advertising: This outdoor advertising on the tunnel mouth is undoubtedly "eye-catching". Who is passing by, who will not shake the two shakes?