From the micro level, the influence of advertising seems to be mainly between enterprises and consumers; And on a macro level, it also shapes our society today. The influence and function of advertising on enterprises: the purpose of advertising is to improve the information imbalance between buyers and sellers in the market environment of commodity economy. Advertising is essentially a means of marketing communication, so its most basic function is to convey information about the product to the target audience, so as to influence the target audience's attitude and behavior towards the product.



1. Communicate production and sales information to promote sales

Today's market economy system is built on the basis of large-scale socialized production on a global scale. Information is a necessary condition for the survival and development of enterprises. Enterprises must make consumers understand the relevant commodity information in order to get the opportunity to be selected. Advertising, through the dissemination of information, communicates the links between production and production, production and circulation, production and consumption, and circulation and consumption, and becomes an indispensable information channel for enterprises.

2. Build brand personality, increase the value of products

Why does Domingo drink only the original evian mineral water from France? Is evian the best water to drink? Not necessarily, but there is no doubt that evian has become the most famous water through advertising. Advertising itself cannot change the quality of products, but it can enhance the value of products in the minds of consumers by creating unique brand personality.

Today, with the increasingly fierce market competition and highly homogeneous products, brand is becoming an important means of competition for businesses, and advertising is the most powerful means to build brand personality. It gives the same product a distinctive character and brand image.


3. Reduce marketing costs and stimulate competition

First, advertising promotes competition among businesses and supports mass production. Advertising guru David ogilvy quotes Lord hayworth, former chairman of livermore brothers, in confessions of an advertising man: "with advertising comes savings. On the sales side, it speeds up the turnover of capital, thereby lowering the retail price without affecting the retailers' profits. On the production side, this is a factor that makes mass production possible. . Who can deny that production has brought costs down?"

Secondly, from the perspective of advertising as a means of marketing communication, although the overall investment in advertising is relatively large, it has a large communication range and a large number of audiences through the publication and broadcasting of mass media, and the cost of reaching each target consumer on average is much lower than that of personal selling and other communication means. From this point of view, advertising not only does not increase but also helps to reduce marketing costs.