Simple brushing presence, expecting people passing by to find you, no longer applicable in the outdoor world where neon shines. Excellent and effective outdoor advertising not only makes consumers want to take out mobile phone records, spread on social networks, but also allows them to have a sense of participation, let them discover that your presence and interaction will make this advertising content different.

The following are some examples of outstanding outdoor advertising in foreign countries, and may give you some new ideas for outdoor advertising.

On Women's Day, the charity Women’s Aid and an outdoor advertising company made a marketing campaign against domestic violence. This marketing uses face recognition technology. First of all, what you see on the outdoor billboard is a scarred face. When more and more people are paying attention to this billboard, the injured face will recover faster.


Hunger can make people make mistakes. BBDO found some strange things in the public area of New York for Snickers. It was obviously the maker's confusing logo and the designer's brainless device (for example, the "door from here" and "this door" Nowhere". They put a small poster on Snickers next to these stupid mistakes: "When you are hungry, people make mistakes." So, come to Snickers!


Publicis London made an outdoor promotion for Depaul, a charity that cares for the homeless. These stories posted on the corner of the street, if you only look at the left side, the content is like this: Do not accommodate the children and children who are wandering. But if you turn a corner and read these words, the subject is completely reversed: it gives you reasons to take care of the tramp. Probably they want to express: changing the inherent concept to do good deeds is between the thoughts.


The full-scale wheat on this Canadian outdoor billboard will debut with the sunrise, reminding you to have a good breakfast.


The road in Panama is very uneven. The person who drives the car can understand how annoying the sudden bumps are. How to urge the relevant departments to manage this matter? The local TV station came up with such a ghost idea: put a special device in the pit, and each time a car is driven into the pit, it will automatically send a swearing tweet to the Panamanian transportation department. It’s crazy to discuss this on TV and social media. The traffic road department later came out to repair the road. This idea has the meaning of "seeing me not killing you." Good advertising really solves the problem!


Advertising company Mullen Lowe conceived this outdoor marketing idea for JetBlue. They posted a poster on the billboard of the bus stop, which read: "The real New Yorker will reveal the poster." "Come on, take it down and see what's behind." These posters are actually coupons. The "Braves" who have taken them can get free JetBlue tickets, tickets and exchange coupons for ice cream shops. Sometimes JetBlue's staff will jump out to surprise you. They sent a total of 181 posters in five districts in New York.


To be a good-looking visual design, writing an interesting copy is no longer an excellent outdoor advertisement. Driven by big data and artificial intelligence, outdoor advertising will have a broader imagination.