Brand advertising: own goods, goods brand building is also inadvertently quietly. The early brand did not form a scale or system, but with the development of market economy, there appeared the initial forms of advertising such as physical display, oral hawking, and so on. With the emergence of the text, banners, signs and other forms of publicity began to prevail. At this moment, the prototype of the brand have appeared, such as today's all kinds of old brand, such as employees, tongrentang and so on have formed a mature brand merchants, is survived in the fierce competition of the representative of the brand. Until the opium war, the emergence of modern newspapers gave rise to modern advertising in a real sense. Since then, brand marketing has also begun the pace of modernization.

  Thus it can be seen that advertising has always played a positive role in brand building, and is an indispensable part of brand building. Especially in modern times, there is even an abnormal phenomenon that the power of advertising exceeds the value of commodities, and there are also a lot of flash in the pan products and brands. From the records of the ups and downs of the "bid king" in the advertising bidding wars of CCTV since the 1990s, we can get a clear picture. Qinchi won the "top spot" of CCTV's golden segment in 1996. Love more VCD come and go in a hurry, by shan tou nanan shoot; BBK VCD due to the continuous compression of profit space, advertising strategy change to "can not as far as possible not to invest"; The panda phone ended up in a bottomless pit of debt.

  Advertising psychology: with the return of rationality in mass consumption, an advertising began the story of a product is more and more difficult for renewal, advertising has entered an unprecedented predicament, brand building, however, so entered a more scientific, the system, improve the field of study, which appeared to all aspects of advertising research, including advertising psychology is a new area of research. Advertising psychology, as a branch of applied psychology in advertising, studies the effect of advertising on potential consumers and the motivation of purchasing decisions in a general sense. With the arrival of buyer's market, consumers have gradually made a rational difference and choice to the advertisements all over the sky. So we interweave the psychology of advertising and consumer psychology to achieve the best results of advertising. General advertising psychology involves almost all research topics of psychology, such as attention, perception, association, understanding, memory and even emotion, motivation, needs, personality, etc.

  One of the psychological strategies of advertising -- sensory stimulation: from the appearance of advertising to today, the most important way of publicity is sensory publicity. We all know that information has to be repeated at least seven times to get into the "cerebral cortex," or to create a memory. Therefore, in brand construction, planners will increase the number of appearances and frequency to deepen consumers' memory of the brand. The plaque of inn, the banner of inn, the call that sell the home cries to wait a moment, repeat to attract consumer from sensory go up. Up to now, the newspaper that we see at ordinary times, TV, counter, exhibition hall, even the small advertisement on the street, small store doorway deafening acoustics is waited a moment, also be the same thing in the same way. These constant visual and auditory stimuli are designed to capture the attention of consumers and improve buying opportunities. But in today's such a advertising ubiquitous environment, consumer cognition of advertising has a certain level, will no longer be a simple repetitive advertising, so to build a sales force of advertisement, planner or designer first think of the innovation, also is different, so as to let the brand stand out in a number of competing goods, good for memory.