inflatable-promotional products create awareness:

Everyone notices an inflatable!! Moreover, it is virtually impossible to miss the inflatable advert + branding placed on the outside of the inflatable. Generally, large inflatable billboards evoke the impression to consumers that a company is big and it has done something big. ‘Large advertising‘ arouses the curiosity of people, and more importantly; potential customers. Inflatable-Promotional products are the ideal advertising tool, to facilitate and encourage this type of awareness to happen!

illuminating inflatable advertising?

‘Inflatable’ advertising is visible nonstop 24/7. For example when you see a billboard, it is generally only for a few seconds as you drive by one or you may perhaps not even notice it all! However, inflatable-advertising products offer the advantage of being able to be utilized in ways and areas that conventional billboards and signs cannot go; for example at a concert or sports event.

highlight your brand in an unconventional way:

Whether you use balloons, inflatable-costumes, inflatable screens or other types of inflatable-promotional advertising; your company image and brand will always be in the spotlight! Air-dancers or inflatable advertising arches for example, emphasize your brand in a novel and creative way that will differentiate your brand from the competition.

economical, easy to store and reusable :

Inflatable products are an incredibly cost effective method of gaining the attention of a passerby and turning a prospect into a customer! Inflatable advertising products are easy to store and reduce the recurring cost of advertising as they are highly durable and long lasting. Inflatable advertising is available in various styles and forms and is therefore a potential advertising solution for all businesses and budgets!