Have you ever wondered what time someone in the UK checks their email or what types of products the Chinese love buying online?

What about where the most global eCommerce sales actually come from? We did. And then we made an infographic about it.

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Remarkety store owners and their agencies are located across the world, in some of the biggest markets with global eCommerce sales.

And what we love about the world – besides the livable atmosphere, gravity, water supply, etc. – is the subtle differences from market-to-market.

Our eCommerce marketing report, took into account the ten biggest eCommerce markets and the emerging markets where eCommerce is on the cusp on taking off.

We researched each country individually to find unique online retail shopping behavior along with email marketing trends, since email is our thing.

That’s not all.

We also looked at online marketing trends, mobile adoption trends, internet penetration and more.

Armed with a better understanding of eCommerce trends and online shopping habits in each of these countries is valuable for a few reasons.

For one thing, many online shops have customers in multiple countries.

When it comes to email marketing, we’ve touted the importance of segmentation. A lot.

Segmenting email messages by a customer’s country or geography means communication can be even more targeted and relevant.

In turn, there will be higher open and click rates. And more purchases.

Ka-ching noises.

Plus, online retailers considering moving into a new market or even emerging market will be able to make smarter decisions by understanding these trends.

Let’s dive into it.

10 Biggest Markets by Global eCommerce Sales

1. China
2. United States
3. United Kingdom
4. Japan
5. Germany
6. France
7. South Korea
8. Canada
9. Russia
10. Brazil

China eCommerce Market


China is the biggest eCommerce market in the world with $562.66B in sales projected for 2015.

Factors like population contribute to their top slot.

Case in point, China has more than 600 million internet users.

And this is important if you are an eCommerce shop owner.

Shopping is the fastest growing online activity in China. Exciting news when considering different types of marketing campaigns targeted at your Chinese customers.

Email marketing is extremely lucrative.

75% of surveyed Chinese consumers were willing to buy something after receiving a promotional email of some sort.

Make sure the message is on point.

The average internet user in China is 25 years old, so think about tailoring a message to that millenial demographic.

Mobile Optimization is Key

Finally, more than 70% of customers will make a purchase on a smart phone so make sure your emails look good on mobile devices.

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United States eCommerce Market


The US comes in second with $349.06B in projected eCommerce sales in 2015.

online Spending by Device

  • PC: 72%
  • Tablet: 13%
  • Smartphone: 15%

Though there are 191.1 million online buyers in the US, only 28% of small businesses are selling their products online.

Pretty crazy, no?

Even though only 28% of small business are selling products online, over half (57.4%) of the US public shop online.

Keep in mind these interesting eCommerce statistics when emailing and marketing to your US-based shoppers.

98.9 million Americans have purchased, at least once, on a mobile device.

While more Americans own a smartphone than tablet, they are more likely to purchase on tablet.

80% of people who shop on tablets will place an order on one. only half of the people who actually shop on a smartphone will place an order on their phone, preferring a tablet or PC.

Lastly, most US shoppers place a strong value on the ability to check for product availability at brick-and-mortar stores near them.

This is where an abandoned cart campaign can do the legwork – especially if a coupon or incentive is offered. More about that here.

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UK eCommerce Market


The UK is third on the list with $93.89B in projected online sales for 2015.

online Spending by Device

  • PC: 71.4%,
  • Tablet: 12.1%
  • Smartphone: 16.5%

online sales already make up 13% of the total UK economy and comprise over 14% of total forecasted retail sales. E-commerce is booming in the UK, which offers a lot of opportunities for your shop.

UK online Shoppers Stats

UK shoppers primarily use PayPal, debit and credit when purchasing online so make sure your site is catering to plastic, not virtual currency like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, or COD.

Note, COD or ‘cash on delivery’ is still a thing in Russia, for example.

70% of UK consumers own a smartphone, but only about 16.5% of actual purchases are made on a phone.

Here’s a good one.

33% of online sales occur after 6 pm.

People apparently love buying stuff from the pub. This may or may not be a fact.

What is fact, however, is sending email in the late afternoon and evening will get more activity than earlier in the day.

This is slightly different than the trends we found in our study on the best days and times to send emails.

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Emerging Markets – India, Mexico, Middle East

The biggest emerging eCommerce market is India.

The India eCommerce market has grown at a rapid pace and will be the next major global market for eCommerce.

Though the internet usage in the country is only slightly over 10%, the number continues to grow steadily.

For shoppers, the popular products to purchase online are electronics and fashion.

Along with the number of online shoppers, the number of mobile users are growing as well.  In fact, the majority of shoppers are purchasing via mobile.

Shipping is a problem in India.

Much of the country is underdeveloped, especially in rural areas where delivery can be much more difficult.

Other emerging markets to watch out for are in Mexico and the Middle East.

Mexico is expanding particularly fast with projections of 15% growth in 2015.

The younger generations or millenials are a reason for this growth.

Appealing to that demographic is key for engaging with the internet users in those countries.

Keep these emerging markets in  mind when thinking about expanding your business and finding a new audience.

Know your customers

Different countries have different people.

We’re talking about habits, trends, what they’re buying and when they’re buying online.

Marketing messages, emails and conversion rates will all perform significantly better when customer demographics are taken into consideration.

We can help.

Using Remarkety for your automated emails and newsletters, you can segment your eCommerce customer lists, depending on what country they’re in, what they’re buying and so much more.

Wherever you’re sending from or wherever you’re sending to, Remarkety is your world wide email partner that works for you.

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