In China, cross-border e-commerce has become the driving force of foreign trade growth. Wuxi, a manufacturing city in the Jiangsu province, leads towards innovative e-commerce and combines Internet of Things and foreign trade to transform it into a new point of economic growth.

Statistics show 2,000 enterprises in Wuxi have engaged with, a leading platform for global wholesale trade. Over 4,000 enterprises have opened cross-border, B2B online business which make up for 57 percent of the foreign trade companies in the city. In the first half of 2016, Wuxi Customs signed a regulatory memorandum with Suzhou Customs to facilitate exporting trade where international delivery can directly leave ports in Wuxi instead of having to be sent to Suzhou for inspection.

The city of Wuxi has served as one of the four cross-border e-commerce pilot cities in Jiangsu province and has turned into a major force within its chosen field.