RE:China exports the largest diameter shield machine to Europe for shipment
"200202 published on 2019-09-29 11:13:48
China railway construction heavy industry group co., LTD said Tuesday that an 11-meter-diameter shield machine developed by the company was loaded into a ship at Shanghai's zhanghuabang dock early in the morning. The machine is expected to arrive in Moscow, Russia, in November this year to participate in the construction of the third transfer loop of the Moscow metro. This is the largest diameter shield machine exported by China to Europe.With a total weight of 1,700 tons, the 11-meter shield is a veritable underground behemoth. It is understood that the shield machine construction tunnel is located on the Moscow river, the ground traffic is heavy, the construction is dense, the tunnel project needs to continue to dig 3000 meters, with a large diameter section side through the Moscow river, the project minimum horizontal turning radius is only 400 meters.Chen Qingbin according to railway construction heavy industry machine design institute of engineers, general level of the large diameter shield minimum turning radius is more than 500 metres, the r&d team on the shield machine add articulated and function of overbreak, complementary with floating support structure propulsion system, make the whole machine has the capability of 300 m radius turn, accord with the requirement of the tunnel construction. Aiming at the extremely cold climate in Moscow in winter, the shield machine adopts the cold-proof design, and can drive normally in the low temperature environment of -30 ℃.In terms of geological adaptability design, the shield machine adopts a six-spoke heavy-duty composite cutterhead structure with higher strength and stiffness, and is equipped with a 19-inch heavy-duty hob, which can deal with rock strata, pebbles and other composite strata above 120 mpa. The r & d team also specially designed a high pressure seal with a bearing capacity of 60 meters, which can effectively cope with the driving challenges of complex strata and improve the construction efficiency by carrying an efficient tool changing system.It is reported that five shield machines with a diameter of 6 meters were independently developed and exported to Europe in 2017 to participate in the construction of the southwest loop project of Moscow metro. The highest daily tunneling was 35 meters in the extremely cold environment of Moscow, which set the record of the highest daily footage in the construction of Russian metro. To this end, Moscow metro construction owners this year additional 11 meters of large diameter shield machine purchase "