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"201655 published on 2019-06-24 10:59:18
People seem to be worried that there will be an ad campaign in 2019, but from the end of Adweek for the 2019 Top Ads of 2019, it can be seen that when the bold brand encounters an eclectic agency. The works they created not only reflect the culture, but also promote the culture of each country to move forward, sweeping away people's concerns about the industry.5. Amazon | "Alexa Loses Her Voice"Agency:Lucky GeneralsThis year's Super Bowl ad seems to be flat, but TBWA is an all-star lineup for Amazon Alexa, which is impressive. The intelligent voice assistant Alexa suddenly lost mysteriously, and a group of unreliable stars were invited to work part-time - not to make sandwiches? It doesn't matter, the famous chef God Gordon Ramsay online (chao) complex (feng) you! Want to call a friend? Congratulations, Anthony Hopkins, who plays Hannibal, will be online, scaring you not to call again... Finally, the real Alexa has to come forward: take the big guys, or let me come!This wave of joint self-deprecating between Amazon and the public can be said to be very courageous. It is one of the few super Bowls that perfectly combines popular culture and stories. It is interesting to watch today or 10 years later, and Alexa and we will be there at that time. Not already on Mars, even if there is no oxygen there?4. Tide | “It’s a Tide Ad”Agency:Saatchi&Saatchi New York"You can't get rid of it, even if it's not what you want," Adweek described the Tide as an advertisement.Tide's "Super Bowl" advertisement, a large "invasion game" was conducted in a way that no brand had tried. David Harbour and the succinct and straightforward slogan "This is a Tide advertisement" was forcibly inserted in each one. In the scenes of advertisements that are not related to the brand Tide but are familiar to the audience, in each scene, they suddenly turn to the point: this is a Tide advertisement.But it does make no difference in every scene, and the performance of Harbour is also very good. Through such a humorous and fresh way, Tide brings out a gimmick and establishes a new image for the brand, so that when people see fresh and clean clothes, they can feel that it is brought to you by Tide Laundry Liquid.3. KFC UK | "FCK"Agency:MotherFor KFC's advertising, Adweek believes that this is not only a wonderful advertisement, but also a remarkable public relations strategy. This print advertisement from London agency Mother is a master performance in both "flat" and "advertising". Due to the force majeure problem of chicken shortage, KFC’s business in the UK has been hit by a large number of accidents and even caused many stores to close. The form of advertising that prevents the spread of crisis public relations is hard to imagine, let alone an advertisement that reverses it. However, Mother created a print ad title that is cross-aged and closely linked to KFC: FCK.This advertisement is humble and humorous, dramatic but not serious. It tells us that if you find the right tone, even an apology can be cute. How it was left out at Cannes Lions International and there was no gain in the Grand Prix of the Plan and PR, we don't know, but it is undeniable that FCK is a great advertisement.2. Apple | “Welcome Home”Agency:TBWA Media Arts LabThere is often a (possibly effective) criticism of the most artistic and costly works in the history of advertising, that is, they often lack a true connection with products, and they are more like artistic for art. This is not the case with Apple's "Welcome Home", which was personally handled by TBWA Media Arts Lab and director Spike Jonze for Apple HomePod. In the ad, the voice device launched a magical scene: FKA twigs created a vast "new time and space" within the narrow range of her New York apartment.In this "magic scene", everyone can marvel at the sound quality that can so liberate the soul. Adweek finally commented: This is one of the best ads of the year, one of the best ads ever.1. Nike | “Believe in Something. Even If It Means Sacrificing Everything.”Agency:Wieden + Kennedy Portland"Simple. Powerful. Brave. Derided. And, ultimately, effective." Adweek used these words to summarize the characteristics and effectiveness of Nike's first advertisement.In the 30th Anniversary series of Nike “Just Do It”, rugby controversy Colin Kaepernick became one of the main characters in the series of advertisements, which is not only better than any other marketing activities in 2018, but also a transmission of the brand culture that touches people's hearts. .Like all immortal ads, its visual design and copywriting are simple: Kaepernick's face and"I believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything."While this advertisement was fermented in the sports industry, it also caused a lot of negative comments, even the burning of Nike shoes, and the dissatisfaction of US President Trump. But this advertisement brings the social issues of "racial discrimination" back to people's horizons and triggers deep thinking and discussion.Nike's sales and stock price were thought to be negatively affected, but a few weeks after the ad launch, Nike's CEO said the sales growth of the ad was reported to have increased Nike's valuation by $6 billion.This is one of the very rare "turning point" ads that will be the reference point for many years to come. Perhaps most importantly, this is the most frequently cited ad when it comes to resolving debate about whether a brand should take a position."