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Advertising services is a professional one-stop online service platform. Recognized and authorized by China Internet Network Information Center and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic China. connects buyer, designer, supplier and service provider closely. based on the physical advertising industry, most compressive, effective and authoritative business & industry information issued on

Our professionality has been approved by a lot of experts in advertising area.

Our service covers design, product, and after service. Since operation on line, we have provided high quality service for thousands of customers. 

For the supplier, will increase the your sales volume obviously, also improve your brand value and brand awareness.  For the vendor, will let your easily find high quality products at cheap price. provides you convenience and high efficiency, also bring you new opportunity for further development.  Anytime and any place, if there is internet and computer, will let you enjoy shopping online service.

Advertising form provided by

Banner ads:

Location: each net home page or product home page

Specification: 468*60 pixel for top position;  375*40 pixels for middle position

Format: Gif, Flash


Banner Ads appear at the top/bottom of web or at the both sides of the web, it is the first thing to catch web visitor’s sight, when the visitor click the banner ads, the internet browser will take the visitor to the advertiser’s web site.

Creative Banner Ad plays an important role in setting up and enhancing advertiser’s brand image. There are 3 types of Banner Ad: Static Banner Ad, Animated Banner Ad and Interactive Banner Ad.


Advertisement Column

Location: each net home page or product home page

Specification: 950*60 pixels

Format: Gif, Flash
Description:Appears in the gold position of each home page, as a result, advertising area is huge, information is rich; at the bridge area between top page and lower page, exposure rate and CTR (Click-through rate) is high. Price is reasonable.

Logo Ads:

Location: each net home page or product home page and other

Specification: 310*60 pixels

Format: Gif, Flash

Embedded in the web page, presence period is long, easy for visitor to click,  cheaper price. 

Pop-up Ads

Location: each net home page or product home page

Specification: 950*240 pixels (adjustable)

Format: Gif, Flash

Description:Pop-up ads appear when visitor browse, the price is lower, performance is good, exposure frequency is high, it is obvious to promote the brand ; also can analysis visitor’s action on line, initiatively push ads accordingly, so effective rate is high.


Floating ads:

Location: each net home page or product home page

Specifications: according to customer’s requirement

Format: Gif, Flash

Description:The ads floating on each home page or product home page, attract visitor to click, it’s visual transmission strength is high, also with high exposure frequency.