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High-Precision LGP Automatic Assembly Equipment
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High-Precision LGP Automatic Assembly Equipment
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High-Precision LGP Automatic Assembly Equipment

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Oblique insertion high-precision LGP automatic assembly equipment

High-Precision LGP Automatic Assembly Equipment

1. Replace the original process of silk-screen printing on the surface of the light guide plate.
2. To overcome the difficulty of customizing different silk screens for silk screen printing, you can directly draw lines with different densities on the light guide plate according to different shapes and requirements.
3. Solve the problem of limited screen printing area. The engraving and processing area can reach 3.5M×2.0M, which meets the processing size of most ultra-thin light box light guide plates.
4. Due to the advent of laser light guide plate laser engraving machine and laser engraving machine, the rapid development of personalized processing of light guide plate has been promoted, which has a positive impact on the advertising light box industry.

Light guide plate laser dot machine, laser engraving machine
With the development of advertising light boxes in the direction of ultra-thin, energy saving, convenience, economy, etc., the light guide board advertising light box will be rapidly popularized, and the light guide plate engraving machine must also adapt to the substantial increase in processing speed, and develop in the direction of high speed, multi-tool head, and multi-function .

Sangong photoelectric light guide plate laser processing system
Sangong Optoelectronics' light guide plate laser processing equipment has been developed by Wuhan Sangong Optoelectronics for its long-term focus on market demand, after years of technical research and development, condensing the laser spotting technology advanced in the world today. Compared with ordinary laser spotting equipment on the market, Sangong photoelectric equipment adopts the method of radio frequency pulse and is equipped with an advanced software control system, which can form any fine concave points on the light guide material.                            

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