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Cheap Large Format UV Flatbed Cylinder Printing Machine High Definition
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Cheap Large Format UV Flatbed Cylinder Printing Machine High Definition
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Cheap Large Format UV Flatbed Cylinder Printing Machine High Definition

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                                   Cylinder Printing Machine: PILOT XS2010
Printer applications:Decoration industry, Advertising industry, Packaging industry, Enterprise production and processing, Artwork processing Personalized products etc.
Printing materials: Tile, Gplate, Acrylic, UV plate, Ktplate, Glass wave plate, Leather, Textile, Paper, etc
Printing weight: 100kg
Printing mode: Instant curing

Print headRico G5 nozzle
Device identifierPILOT  XS-2010
Print size2000mm*1000mm
Equipment size4325mm*1880mm*1420mm
Print colorHigh precision intelligent 4 color /6 color /8 color (C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm, W, V)
Print height450mm
Print weightNondestructive precision weight 100KG
Printing precision1200DPI*726DPI
Number of sprinklers2~16 branches
Print out rateDraft mode28m²/h(4branches)
 Standard model21m²/h(4branches)
 High precision model14m²/h(4branches)
Cooling systemUV solidified water cycle
Power requirementsAC220/110±10,50HZ~60HZ,P450W
Print interfaceHigh speed USB transmission interface 3
Driver softwareMicrosoft Windows98/Me /2000 /XP/Win7
RIP softwareGermany Color gate,U.S.APHOTOPRINT,ONYX
Work environmentThe optimum temperature is 20 to 32 degrees, and the relative humidity is 40 ~ 60


Q1:How long is the service life of the machine?

A1:The service life of the machine has a lot to do with the maintenance. The service life of the industrial grade nozzle is basically over 36 months, mainly depending on the workload and maintenance methods. Other accessories can be replaced directly, which has no impact on the whole machine.


Q2:How much is the cost of printing a square consumable?

A2:The amount of ink needed for printing is related to the printing accuracy and quality requirements.A full-scale printing of one square meter consumes 15 ml of ink, and the cost is about 5 CNY.The cost of light color or incomplete painting will be lower.


Q3:How long can printing color keep on?

A3:This is related to the printing material. In principle, compared with the printed paper, the color will last longer. More than 8 years indoor, more than 2 years outdoor.


Q4:Can your machine really replace screen printing and screen printing?

A4:Absolutely. Replace or even surpass the effect of silk screen printing in color printing.

-Company Profile-
    Superlucky Union Inc(SLU), whose fellows aim to provide all of our clients with exquisite and trustworthy Computer to Plate equipment, has more than 10 years' experience.

    SLU now has its CTP platesetter factory which is more than 10,000 square meters stand in Beijing, and also we cooperate a large company in Wuhan of Hubei provinceespecially for CTP processor's production and main sheet metal parts of machines. Except those common size CTP platesetter, we have invested in the production of large format CTP equipment for metal or tin plate printing companies.

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