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ISDEF Israel Defence Exhibition Tel Aviv


Holding Time:2019-06-04 to 2019-06-06

Fair Location:Israel Trade Fairs & Convention Center Sderot Rokah Boulevard, 61210 Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel Exhibition centres in Tel Aviv Sights & Attractions in Tel Aviv

City:Tel Aviv

Fair Organizer:T. S. Israel Defence

Exhibition overview

The Israel Defence Exhibition (ISDEF) is a military and police tradeshow that takes place annually in Tel Aviv, Israel. ISDEF offers the best platform to create business opportunities between world leading manufactures and prospective clients in the Israeli Defense industry. ISDEF`s advantage is that it uses Israel`s reputation as a world leader in the fields of Defence and Homeland Security and collaborates with major decision makers. Being the only major international defense exhibition in Israel, ISDEF attracts top key players, political and government figures.

The ISDEF Israel Defence Exhibition will take place on 3 days from Tuesday, 04. June to Thursday, 06. June 2019 in Tel Aviv.

Contact information

Tel:+972 (0)3 6914564

Fax:+972 (0)3 6914567

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